kerry james marshall


Marshall is known for his large-scale, highly stylized, allegorical paintings of African-American life including a major exhibition in 1998 tilted “Mementos,” commemorating the leaders of the Civil Rights Movement. At the core of Marshall’s visual vocabulary is the truth of African American life as he sees it. An avid reader with an insatiable curiosity for information, the themes of Marshall’s work are informed by volumes of magazines, newspapers, books, and films on African-American history, art, literature, mythology, folklore and comics. Western art history also plays prominently in his compositions; with references to artists from Mossaccio to Matisse to Jacob Lawrence. In addition to painting, Kerry Marshall also does sculpture, collage, photography, video and installation. His work is included in the permanent collections of the San Francisco Museum of Art, The Whitney Museum of American Art, The High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA, and the Museum of Modern Art, NY among others. The artist is represented by the Jack Shainman Gallery, NY. – Paulson Fontaine Press