.kenneth parker

Kenneth Parker is a large-format landscape colorist working principally in remote pristine wilderness areas throughout the world. He is drawn to elemental forces and their compelling magic, translating into arresting imagery the depths of these feelings, rich in power, radiant. His early experience as fine art color pioneer Eliot Porter’s field assistant helped to nurture a loving eye devoted to isolating and capturing the mysteries in nature that he struggled for decades to unravel as a research scientist in oceanography and global climate change.

Artist Resume



   PhD, 1989, Oceanography, University of Washington, Seattle 

   BS, 1979, Biology and Environmental Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz 

   1971-73, Biology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia 


   Private field assistant to Eliot Porter, fine art photographer, 1975-76

   Assistant/mentoring with Paul Caponigro, fine art photographer, 1976-present 

   Apprentice to William Giles, fine art photographer, 1977-78

   Research Assistant and Photographer on wild seal rookeries, Año Nuevo Island, 

       University of California, Santa Cruz (under B.J. Le Boeuf), 1977 

   Underwater Cameraman, Rebikoff Institute of Marine Technology, Florida, 1980 

   Cinematographer, Camera One Productions, Seattle, 1985-90

   Oceanographer, NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, Seattle, and 

       Center for Ocean Analysis & Prediction, Monterey, 1989-96 (applied scientific 

       research in physical/biological oceanography and global climate change) 

   Photographer, ancient Tibetan temples restoration project, Mustang, Nepal, 2003-06


Weston Gallery, Carmel;  Barry Singer Gallery, Petaluma;  The Gallery at Ventana Inn, 

Big Sur;  Addison/Ripley Fine Art, Washington DC;  Ordover Gallery, San Diego, CA;  

John Stevenson Gallery, NYC;  Photographs Do Not Bend, Dallas, TX;  Getty Images 

Selected Exhibitions 

Weston Gallery, Carmel –Point Lobos Essence, group exhibit 2015: Edward Weston, 

    Brett Weston, Cole Weston, Wynn Bullock, Ryuijie, Brad Cole, Rolfe Horn

R. Blitzer Gallery, Santa Cruz, CA  – one-man exhibit 2014

Monterey Museum of Art, Monterey, CA – Miniatures,group exhibit 2010-11

San Diego Natural History Museum, Ordover Gallery –one-man exhibit 2008-9 

Pacific Grove Natural History Museum, CA – group exhibit 2007 

Center for Photographic Art, Carmel, CA: 

Juried Exhibition – group exhibits 2010, 2011, 2012 

Luminosity: The Art of ImageMaking, Monterey ImageMakers – group exhibit 2010 

Buddhist Earth: Sacred Places, Sacred Work – one-man exhibit 2008 

Collectors Fine Print Program – featured artist 2002 

Weston Gallery, Carmel – one-man exhibit 2007 

Barry Singer Gallery, Petaluma CA – group exhibits 2005, 2007 

Ralls Collection, Washington DC –one-man exhibit 2004 

Ansel Adams Gallery, Mumm Cuvée Napa –America the Beautiful, group exhibit 2004 

Marigold Arts Gallery, Santa Fe – one-man exhibits 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007

Vagabond Rose Gallery, Chico – one-man exhibits 2002, 2003, 2004 

June Bateman Gallery, NYC – group exhibit 2002-03

Spectrum Gallery, Rochester – one-man exhibit 2002-03

Silver Image Gallery, Seattle –one-man exhibits 1984, 1988 

Dean McHenry Library, University of California, Santa Cruz –one-man exhibi 1977 

Misha Gallery, Santa Cruz –one-man exhibits 1977, 1980 

MIROUNGA: The Elephant Seals of Año Nuevo Island– large-scale museum exhibition                            with narrative text by Professor Burney J. Le Boeuf, 1979;  

two-man exhibits 1979-80: 

   Smithsonian Institution, Oakland Museum, California Academy of Sciences, 

   Santa Cruz, San Diego and Los Angeles County Museums of Natural History 




   Cinematographer: Canyon Dreams(Miramar Productions, Seattle), Grand Canyon 

       and Colorado River rafting, original soundtrack by Tangerine Dream, 1988 

   Director of Photography: Atocha Treasures and Auction, Christie’s New York, 1988 

   Cinematographer: The Grand Canyon by OARS(Camera One Productions), 1986;   

   Cinematographer: National Geographic Explorer,Colorado River rafting, 1986 

   Director of Photography/Cinematographer: Longlines: An Undersea Investigation, 

       two-man submersible research project, Alaska, 1985; PBS, USIA world distribution  


Selected Awards 

   Annual International Color Awards: Photography Masters Cup Award, 2007 

   San Francisco Society of Communicating Arts, Art Directors Photography Award, 1980

   OCEANS ‘85 Exposition Film Festival, San Diego:  First Place, 1985 

   CINE Golden Eagle Award for Cinematography:  1985, 1986 

   Houston International Film Festival:  Special Gold Award for Cinematography, 1986 

   Northwest Photographers Museum-Juried Award:  Landscape Photography, 1990


Selected Publications 

Communication Arts, View Camera, Time, Geo, Oceans, Smithsonian, Natural History,         Pacific Discovery, many national newspapers (April 2015: Monterey Herald cover story)